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Innovative technology and simple operation

What we do:

We design and build breweries to meet the highest demands with a focus on flexibility, cost-effectiveness and efficiency – and without compromising on beer quality. From the brewhouse to the finished beer, we offer everything you need for success.

Solutions for the wort production

Brew House

BrauKon brew house technology guarantees efficient and  gentle wort production without compromising on beer quality. Our systems offer great flexibility when it comes to producing a great variety of beers.

Raw Material Handling and Milling

We plan and install your complete malt handling area including silos, conveyors, malt cleaning, and milling.

Our grist mill BrauMill is very flexible and easy to handle and allows for high yields and an ideal grist quality. If needed, the grinding gap can be adjusted automatically, in order to perfectly work for any type of malt or grain.


Our BrauKon mashing systems offers flexibility in terms of recipes usage and allow the brewers to use different malt types or other raw materials.

Our proven AlloySius pre-masher and the flow-optimized GentleMix agitator enable ideal yields and material conversions even with high original gravity and viscosities.


BrauKon lauter tuns combine optimized fluid mechanics, sophisticated control technology and recipe-specific system design. This combination creates the ideal lautering system to lauter your individual beers quickly and highly efficiently. And, of course, with perfect wort quality.

In addition to fast lautering times, our high-performance SpeedKon system also features a particularly variable false bottom loading, allowing you to brew beers with a wide range of original gravity.

Wort Boiling

Wort boiling is traditionally the most energy-intensive process in the entire brewery. BrauKon technology reduces this energy demand whilst guaranteeing highest beer quality.

Our proven SmartBoil systems for wort boiling can be adapted particularly flexibly to your individual beer types and the desired total evaporation. They enable a gentle transition to a modern boiling process with low energy consumption and long cleaning intervals.

Hop and Spice Dosing

In the wort kettle, in the whirlpool or on the way to wort cooling – our unique systems for hop and spice dosing give your beers unique flavor profiles.

BrauKon systems make efficient use of the best ingredients. We pay special attention to easy handling and the reproducibility of the applications

Hot Trub Separation

BrauKon whirlpool systems for reliable hot trub separation are individually tailored to your particular brewing process. They are ideally suited for additional hop addition in the whirlpool (late hopping), save water and reduce wort losses to a minimum.

Our unique HopSep system increases wort yield compared to classic systems.

Energy Recovery

We tailor energy recovery specifically to your brewing process, thus reducing the need for primary energy. In doing so, we reduce production costs and increase the sustainability of the brewery. We work out individual solutions for each plant.

CIP Systems

BrauKon develops reliable CIP solutions to implement the highest hygiene and quality requirements. Automatic monitoring of temperature, time and concentration ensures guarantees cleaning and sterility of your plant.

Solutions for cold block

Cellar Technology

We offer the right cellar system for your company size – adapted to your degree of automation and the required process sequences. We plan, manufacture and assemble our systems according to the latest standards. BrauKon cellar systems are always optimally adapted to the individual process steps.

Yeast Management

Yeast is a crucial factor for unique beers. BrauKon systems ensure optimal yeast treatment. An efficient yeast propagation reduces production costs. Our hygienic design ensures consistent beer quality.

Our control system supplies your brewery with the right amount of vital yeast at the right time. Our concept of ideal yeast management for a wide range of beer types and yeast strains comes from the practical experience of our own brewery. We are happy to share our experience!

Fermentation and Storage Tanks

We supply customized solutions for the fermentation and storage of your beers. Individual tank design and highest quality standards guarantee consistent beer quality and flexible installation. Hygienic design allows proper cleaning and guarantees product safety. Constant quality control guarantees the best possible processing.

In addition to classic indoor and outdoor installation, our modular “Cone in Box” system offers an optimal solution for combining indoor installation in a cost-effective building extension.

Cellar Piping

BrauKon supplies both manual cellar systems and fully automatic solutions – tailor-made for your individual need. Competent 3D planning and modular prefabrication in BrauKon’s own production hall ensure highest quality standards and flexibility.

The Braukeller Classic is a hose cellar with low purchase costs. In the Hybrid variant, we combine this technology with the process reliability and flexibility of a panel system. The Connect and Hybrid variants offer complete fixed-piping with pipe fence panels and/or double-seat valves.

Dry Hopping

As a pioneer among manufacturers of dry hopping systems, we have continuously improved and further optimized this technology. Achieving the best hop aromas whilst saving large amounts of hops at the same time sets the standards in the industry.

Fully automatic or manual, fixed piping or mobile – we have the right solution for any hop volume and for any brewery size.

CIP Systems

BrauKon develops reliable CIP solutions to implement the highest hygiene and quality requirements. Automatic monitoring of temperature, time and concentration ensures guarantees cleaning and sterility of your plant.

Flash Pasteurizing Systems

Our semi-automatic and fully automatic flash pasteurizing systems protect the beer and ensure product safety. Best beer taste guaranteed.

Filtration & Separation Technology

Depending on your individual requirements, we develop the ideal filtration concept: membrane filter, diatomaceous earth filter or centrifuge.

… and more

We are constantly developing new, customer-oriented solutions within the framework of our current projects and in our own brewery.

Automation for your brewery

Control Systems

Our control systems ensure consistent product quality and great taste. The fully automatic operation of our systems optimizes personnel requirements and enables independent operation, e.g. in the brew house area. Our BrauKon automation systems offer the perfect solution every area of the brewery.

Process Control System

Our BrauControl control systems offer fully automatic process control – from the raw material inlet to the pressure tank, including recipe management and logging.

Our in-house system BrauControl impresses with simple operation and uncomplicated maintenance. BrauControlPro, based on brewmaxx, offers a variety of additional modules, e.g. ERP connection.

Semi-Automatic Systems

Our T-Control semi-automatic systems makes brewing a little bit simpler. We combine automatic mashing, lautering and wort-boiling and temperature control of the fermentation and storage tanks with manual interventions in other process areas.

Tailor-made filling concepts

Filling & Packaging

Based on your individual product and packaging requirements, we plan and supply complete filling lines. We combine the appropriate individual machines to create an ideal line concept.

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