We are BrauKon

Beer with Character is our passion

We deliver our brewery systems specifally to mid-sized breweries worldwide. More than 30 master brewers and engineers work in the development department. Together they plan, design and build  top-quality brewery systems that are highly flexible, economically efficient and profitable without compromising on beer quality.

We guarantee the value and reliability of our systems thanks to high-quality workmanship of first class components. What drives us most is our pride when your passion and our brewery systems come together and create something that is one of a kind – Beer with Character.

Outstanding beer quality

BrauKon systems fulfill the highest technical and design standards. Our individual, ready-to-use brewery systems guarantee brewers worldwide outstanding beer quality and optimal operational procedures. We do everything for your Beer with Character – this motto is the center of our activities. Our customers’ happy faces are the best references we could ask for.

Innovative, individual solutions for your beer

Economically efficient, energy saving and innovative. At BrauKon we are more than one step ahead and pride ourselves on revolutionizing the brewery industry over and over again. BrauKon is dedicated to fulfilling your needs and committed to your beer. We create custom breweries tailored to meet your individual requirements.

Turnkey breweries: All-in-one solution

We deliver turnkey brewery systems worldwide. The process of your entire project, from planning to realization, lies with only one partner – us. Our competent, experienced brewers and engineers are always on hand for customer support and advice, for planning, preparing recipes, supplying raw materials and operational controls. BrauKon turnkey breweries are tailored to meet your individual requirements. From brewers for brewers.

Own production – Made in Germany

In our production site in Obing more than 30 professionals assemle your brewery system in a 900 m² production hall. There, each brewery system is completely piped, electrically wired and, depending on the size of the brewhouse, mounted on stainless steel frames. In our own production site we currently train 5 apprentices as system mechanics and teach them our quality standards as well as company values right from the start.

Investment in the future

The most important requirement for long-term quality assurance are our trainees. As a certified instructor by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce with a global focus, BrauKon offers numerous opportunities for free development and the prospect of subsequent employment and long-term careers. Through interdisciplinary contact points of the various training courses, BrauKon trainees get a comprehensive insight into all company areas. Our training has already won several awards in recent years.

Regional, international, cosmopolitan

At BrauKon more than 100 employees work together with their respective skills and expertise according to our motto – For Beer with Character. In addition to our own production site we use other production facilities in the region. Thus, we not only guarantee excellent quality but also make a considerable contribution to regional added value.

Cooperation is indispensable to quality. To ensure the highest quality of our systems, we rely on long-term, trusting supplier-relationships. Our suppliers are exclusively from Germany and its neighboring countries. Regular quality controls guarantee a constant performance which meets our demanding quality standards. BrauKon stands for quality and sustainability and does not import any goods from low-wage countries. Since we are devoted to our home region and have international customers at the same time, fairness, respect as well as cosmopolitanism are anchored in our brand identity. We strongly declare ourselves against all forms of discrimination, corruption and bribery. BrauKon is a company with character – For Beer with Character.

Take advantage of our experience and technology for your beer with character.


There is no need for excuses when you are reliable.

BrauKon BrauTechnikum

Our knowledge for your beer

We perfect our products through to series production and test new practices and procedures in the BrauKon BrauTechnikum, our technical center. Therefore, specific brewing procedures, adjustments to modified raw material quality and product innovations can be put to the test and optimized. On-going research and further development flows directly into our plant engineering and guarantees innovative, practically oriented and user-friendly products – from brewers for brewers.

Individual training

Individual custom-tailored training optimally prepares you for the new technology of your BrauKon system, even prior to delivery. Thus shortening commissioning time and reducing on-site training needs, guaranteeing a seamless start to production. Our in-house training courses impart practically oriented professional knowledge and provide the answer to all of your technological questions. You can also create your very own recipes and try out test brews.

Camba Bavaria

Originally built as the technical center for BrauKon, Camba Bavaria is an independent brewery since 2008, brewing over 100 different beer varieties. It offers the full range of BrauKon products and is the ideal location for our training courses, as well as for collaboration brews with clients and brewing associates. We work together with you to create new recipes and beer variations using new raw materials and by applying innovative production ideas.

BrauKon products and innovations

Innovative technology and easy operation

BrauKon breweries

Cutting-edge technology, sophisticated piping and economically efficient operation guarantee optimal yields. BrauKon breweries are individual, ready-to-use and a safe investment. More about BrauKon breweries.

BrauKon pub breweries

Experience, tradition and atmosphere are of the essence when designing a pub brewery. Optimal production procedures, an economically efficient system and the quality of your beer are our goals as a company. More about BrauKon pub breweries.


BrauKon CIP systems

Individual, fully automated CIP systems allow for effective cleaning, so that the increased requirements on hygiene and quality are met. More about BrauKon CIP systems.

BrauKon flash pasteurizers

Semi- and fully automated flash pasteurizers heat the beer shortly at gentle temperatures thus maintaining the nutritional value, flavor and consistency. More about BrauKon flash pasteurizers.

BrauKon spice extraction systems

BrauKon spice extraction systems allow for easy aroma extraction from herbs and other plant-based flavoring sources. More about BrauKon spice extraction systems.

BrauKon AlloySius

The high performance pre-mashing system mixes malt grist and water simultaneously thereby shortening mashing and lautering times. More about BrauKon Alloysius.

BrauKon GentleMix

The flow-optimized mixing system guarantees a uniform temperature distribution
in the mash, protects the husks and thereby increases yields. More about BrauKon GentleMix.

BrauKon SmartBoil

The intelligent, gentle boiling system affords brewers an economically
efficient and flexible boiling of wort. More about BrauKon SmartBoil.

BrauKon SpeedKon

The efficient lauter system combines benefits such as outstanding wort quality,
flexibility, high extraction yields and easy automation. More about BrauKon SpeedKon.


BrauKon BrauControl

The professional process brewery automation system is a reliable and secure investment and allows for programming independence. More about BrauKon BrauControl.

BrauKon BrauControl Pro

The user-friendly operation of BrauControl ported to the process control system ProLeit Plant iT/brewmaxx V9. More about BrauKon BrauControl Pro.

BrauKon TControl

The semi-automatic control concept offers an economic solution for the partial steps mashing, lautering and wort boiling. More about BrauKon TControl.

BrauKon TControl Pro

The user-friendly control assumes the entire brewhouse work of a two-vessel brewhouse – from mashing-in up to casting. More about BrauKon TControlPro.


BrauKon HopDosing

The hops dosing guarantees a user-friendly, automated dosing of
hop pellets and hop extract in the brewhouse. More about BrauKon HopDosing.

BrauKon HopBack

The user-friendly system for cone hops guarantees a constant, efficient release of precious oils and aromas. More about BrauKon HopBack.

BrauKon HopBack Pellet

The flexible solution for an effective addition of hops flavor with pellets between
the whirlpool and wort cooling sequences with retention of hops particles.More about BrauKon HopBack Pellet.

BrauKon HopGun

The effective cold hopping system guarantees a constant, efficient release of oils and aromas from hop pellets in the finished beer. More about BrauKon HopGun.

BrauKon HopGun Pro

The cold hopping system allows for a fully automatic cold hopping process, even with large pellet quantities. More about BrauKon HopGun Pro.


BrauKon VitaProp

The compact solution for yeast propagation, yeast assimilation as well as yeast pitching and wort sampling. More about BrauKon VitaProp.

BrauKon VitaProp Pro

Efficient and defined processes of the fully automated yeast system offer consistent and vital yeasts with extremely fast cell growth rates. More about BrauKon VitaProp Pro.

BrauKon VitaSius

The hygienically designed yeast deaeration system guarantees a hygienically safe vitalisation of the harvest yeast for a fresh beer flavor. More about BrauKon VitaSius.


We deliver the tools to create beer with character worldwide.

Our success story

Progress is essentially a wish to improve

Finalist of the Year 2018 (2018)

BrauKon is honored by the competition “Großer Preis des Mittelstandes” from the Oskar-Patzelt foundation with the award as Finalist of the Year 2018.

Chiemgauer Panther (2017)

BrauKon is honored by the business award “Chiemgauer Panther” with a special award for its excellent training.

Relocation to the company headquarters in Seeon (2016)

Relocation of the company headquarters to Seeon in November. The new facilities include a modern production hall and integrated office building. Our main focal point is the customer service center including a complete show brewery with a fully equipped 40 hl brewhouse.

Bayerns Best 50 (2016)

BrauKon is honored by the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Media, Energy and Technology, Ilse Aigner, as one of the 50 most high-growth companies of Bavaria, Germany.

150th BrauKon brewhouse (2016)

Production of the 150th BrauKon brewhouse.

Market launch of innovative products (2015)

The following BrauKon products are introduced: the intelligent SpeedKon lautering system, the user-friendly BrauControl Pro process control system, as well as the new HopBack Pellet hop pellet dosing system.

First BrauKon brewhouse with 12 brews per day (2014)

First BrauKon brewhouse with a brewing capacity of 12 brews per day and an output of 210 hl is delivered to the Lyskovo Brewery in Russia.

Industriebrauerei von Lyskovo

BrauKon celebrates its 10th anniversary (2013)

BrauKon celebrates its 10th anniversary. By the end of 2013, the BrauKon team includes 60 employees.

The 100th AlloySius leaves the production plant (2013)

Delivery of the 100th AlloySius high performance pre-masher.

Relocation of production to Obing (2012)

Relocation of production to an 800 m² production hall in Obing.

50th BrauKon brewhouse (2012)

The 50th brewhouse with the tried and tested BrauKon frame construction is produced.

HopGun takes the market by storm (2012)

Successful market launch of the effective HopGun cold hopping system.

We provide training (2011)

BrauKon trains and educates in the fields of commerce and technology for the German Chamber of Commerce (IHK).

BrauKon awarded Top-Innovator in Germany for mid-sized companies (2009)

The BrauKon is honored as one of the top 100 most innovative mid-sized companies in Germany.

BrauKon opens brewing technology center (2008)

BrauKon celebrates the opening of its brewing technology center, Camba Bavaria, on the upper floor of the old mill building in Truchtlaching.

First relocation (2005)

Move to the new BrauKon company premises in Mühlweg 2 in Truchtlaching, including its own production hall and spacious office building.

The first contract (2004)

First brewhouse contract: 30hl system for Troegs Brewing Company in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA.

Founding of the company (2003)

On June 27th, Markus Lohner establishes the company BrauKon. Markus Lohner is a master brewer from Hofbräuhaus Newport, one the most successful pub breweries in the USA.