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BrauKeller Connect

Fully connected pipe fence in panel design

No hoses on the product side

BrauKeller Connect

The integrated panel technology secures the pipe system and offers greater stability than a conventional pipe fence. Our individually produced pipe fence panels secure all connections to ensure a perfect fit, regardless of temperature and pipe expansion. The tanks are connected directly to the pipe system by means of swing bends, without interrupting the pipe fence.

The intelligent BrauControl controller can monitor all product and cleaning channels to ensure the utmost product safety. CIP and product are reliably separated via leak-proof valves. The system can be expanded with extra technical equipment like foam traps, turbidity measuring systems for harvested yeast, or fully automatic bunging.

  • Hose-free on the product side
  • Separation of media (CIP and product) via leak-proof valves
  • Highest product and work safety
  • Reduced personnel requirements with high simultaneity in production

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