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BrauKon BrauControl

All-in process automation

All-in process automation

BrauKon BrauControl

BrauKon BrauControl is a process automation solution for the entire brewery production process – from the malt intake through to the bright beer tank and including the CIP unit. A weekly schedule allows the brew cycle to be pre-adjusted; a brewing log documents the brew progression.

  • Self-optimizing fuzzy logic lautering control
  • User-friendly handling, simple recipe creation
  • Possibility to integrate batch tracing software
  • Remote maintenance and remote control via network connection

Flexible and reliable

Decoction mashing methods are just as possible as is infusion mashing with any number of rests. In the lauter tun, a self-optimizing fuzzy logic controller takes over the lautering sequence and independently decides on the raking machine height, pump speed and sparging process. The lauter wort heating, start of boiling and boiling times are freely programmable. The hop addition process can be completely automated and BrauControl also takes over the clarifying, cooling and aeration of the wort. All fermenting and storage tanks have a recipe level which can be used to control the temperature profile.

Future-proof equipment
There are 60 recipe positions available, each with 30 steps. The BrauControl is operated using a Siemens touch panel. The system is based almost exclusively on original Siemens components. They can be found in both the hardware equipment supplied and the software program module area.

Technologically-oriented recipe management

BrauKon BrauControl Pro

Based on the Plant iT/brewmaxx V9 process control engineering from ProLeiT, the BrauKon BrauControl Pro has been modified to the user-friendly operation of the BrauControl controller. The basis for this is mainly provided by an extended procedure management system for brewery recipes which allows for the sequential control of each step. It is also possible to save different versions of each brewing recipe.

  • Largely freely parameterizable without professional programming knowledge
  • Technology-oriented recipe control and management
  • Basic production data management with Excel-based evaluation
  • Data exchange with merchandise management systems possible

Monitoring through consistent traceability

The brewing log allows the batch to be completely retraced, both the relevant brewing data and any occurrences are also documented. In addition, the Visu-Recorder records every event including mouse clicks and manual entries. This makes it possible for process sequences to be precisely analyzed, but also can be used for simple and targeted employee training. Moreover, this allows for the integration of all ProLeiT products and the connection of ERP systems.

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