BrauKon HopGun®

Effective dry hopping in the cold area

Effective dry hopping in the cold area

BrauKon HopGun®

“Dry hopping”, also referred to as “cold-hopping” in the business, is a procedure with which precious essential oils are released from the lupulin contained in the hops in beer. Dry hopping is performed after the brewing process in the cold area. At this point in time, the beer is finished but has yet to fully mature.

  • Extensive hop savings and reduced beer volatility
  • Simple and safe handling of cold hopping in the fermentation and storage cellar
  • Improved aroma profile
  • Faster dissolution of hop constituents

Efficient dissolving of aromas

BrauKon HopGun® guarantees a consistent, efficient dissolving of the oils and aromas from hop pellets in the finished beer. The yield and taste stability are increased – and this is precisely what creative brewers wish to gain. Due to the fact that the entire beer comes into contact with the hops, a more homogenous infusion of the products with the hop constituents is achieved compared to conventional methods . When doing so, any large particles are separated from the products by a special pre-filtration candle.

Flexible and user-friendly
BrauKon HopGun is flexible to use, with the hop quantity, the hop dosing time and duration being freely selectable. Cleaning can be performed manually or with an external CIP system. BrauKon HopGun can be retrofitted at any time.

Fully automatic cold hopping system

BrauKon HopGun® Pro

The BrauKon HopGun® Pro is designed for fully automated cold hopping with larger pellet quantities. A special agitator guarantees efficient dissolving of hop pellets, even with larger quantities and at reduced temperatures. To do so, the BrauKon HopGun Pro takes in the complete volume of hop suspension. The suspension can be dosed flexibly to ensure a homogeneous distribution. As with the HopGun, the HopGun Pro ensures the homogenous distribution of hop aromas in the tank and efficient extraction.

  • Extensive hop savings and reduced beer volatility
  • Improved aroma profile and faster dissolution of hop constituents
  • Fully automatic operation of cold hopping
  • Large hop volumes and fixed-pipe system design

Automated operation for large quantities

The BrauKon HopGun® is flexible to use, with the hop quantity, the hop dosing time and duration being freely selectable. Control of all process steps and CIP cleaning can be fully automated. Thanks to shorted dissolution times of the pellets, the variant Pro is perfectly suited for cold hopping during tank transfer. The hop suspension can be dosed inline, for example, on the way from the fermentation cellar to the green beer cellar.

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