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BrauKeller Hybrid

Combined panel/hose solution

Defined cellar piping system with flexible tank connection

BrauKeller Hybrid

Our hybrid hose cellar with piped panel stations ensures complete flexibility and ease of use. You can easily connect the tanks however you wish. The control panels are cleverly positioned to reduce the length of the hoses. The entire fermenting cellar can be supplied with all the required media (hot and cold water, degasified water, CO2, N2) via the central panel. You can also check the position of the swing bends via proximity switches.

  • Convenient operation: Reduction of hose lengths thanks to well thought-out positioning of the control panels
  • Simple and flexible connection between tanks
  • Media supply in the entire fermentation cellar (cold or hot water, degased water, CO2, N2)
  • Easy expandability

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