The yeast whisperer from Cape Town

Devil’s Peak Brewing Company – Cape Town, South Africa

Some people talk to their roses, others watch fish swim in their fish tank, but JC Steyn loves everything that ferments. He was already fascinated with yeasts during his time as a cellar master in Stellenbosch. Even then, he was not only making wine, but was also a homebrewer, brewing beer in his free time. Many large craft beer brands have roots in homebrewing. JC did not blink an eye when he saw the opportunity to use his little friends, yeast cells, in a professional manner to brew beer.

Devil’s Peak, overlooking the eponymous mountain in Cape Town, was founded in 2012 as a restaurant brewery and is one of the largest craft beer producers in South Africa. The product range includes classic, lager, golden ale, IPA and specialty beers.

More than just “Good Hope”

The first 15 hl brewhouse was purchased second-hand and consisted of two manually operated copper vessels. That was quickly deemed too small and too simple. Hence first-class technology was destined. BrauKon was commissioned in 2016.

BrauKon delivered the grist mill and a 4-vessel brewhouse (80 hl) with a separate whirlpool as well as three CIP stations. The complete assembly of the 20 tanks (80-400 hl) was also carried out by BrauKon. The entire production process is fully automated by the BrauControl Pro.

In an interview with the magazine “Brau Industrie”, the managing director, Derek Szabo, evaluated BrauKon’s performance: “A great project, everything was in line with the budget and on time. An amazing achievement given the complexity of the project.”