Svaneke Bryghus

The brewery on the holiday island

Svaneke Bryghus is located on the Danish holiday island Bornholm. In 2007, Tim Stender, a butcher who brews beer, was determined to create something big with his pub brewery. He decided to use a 4-vessel brewhouse with a production volume of 50 hl. This was the first project in Scandinavia and at that time also the largest order for BrauKon.

Today Svaneke Bryghus is one of the leading craft breweries in Denmark. The current brewmaster Jan Paul, from Germany, works creatively with different yeasts. He also teaches at the brewer school in Copenhagen, that is when he‘s not gone fi shing in the Baltic Sea. His chocolate stout is legendary and greatly loved by the ladies in the offi ce of BrauKon.

Svaneke Bryghus is one of the most loyal BrauKon customers. In the upcoming year, the brewery will expand yet again. Fermentation and storage cellars are supplemented by six new fermentation tanks (each 100 hl net capacity) with the BrauKon automatic system BrauControl.