The Red Rock Brewing Co.

Red Rock – Stars

Think big, play loud! – this is what Red Rock Brewing from South Africa is all about. The new craft brewery located a few kilometers north of Johannesburg is the latest rising star in the
(African) craft-beer sky. The master brewers are huge fans of rock music and blend the African attitude to life with American spirit and a shot of Rock n‘ Roll. You could compare it to cruising on a Harley along South Africa’s lonely roads, heading toward a red sunset.


For our first customer in South Africa, BrauKon, as usual, came up with a really special idea. The 150 hl brewhouse and large bottling plant equipped with the most up-to-date technology testify to this start-up brewery’s determination to perform on the same stage as the major players.

BrauKon converted an old Austrian brewhouse from the golden sixties, completely remodernised it and equipped the systems with the most recent technology.

Therefore, Red Rock received a traditional brewhouse cloaked in modernity. Almost as if someone were to take an old vinyl record and remix it to produce an optimum sound. This blending of the traditional with the modern creates Beer with Character. We are all sure to hear a lot more from Red Rock Brewing in the future.