Made in Germany

A good choice

New Dimensions

The statement “own production, made in Germany” still has a very good, almost magical ring to it, especially in the field of technology. The high expectations that come with it create confidence in the brewing plant and contribute to a positive “upward spiral” which ultimately leads to better beer. To beer with character.
BrauKon has always manufactured their own products. And thanks to the company’s positive development, our production facility was bursting at the seams. However, our new production site is now making it possible to build up to five brewing plants simultaneously. Your brewery or brewing plant is now constructed and made ready for start-up by our technicians, plant engineers, electricians, etc. in our large, new production hall.

The new headquarters in Seeon

Many departments are closely interweaved with one another in our new headquarters: from our planning and production departments to our showroom equipped with its fully functional BrauKon brewery and all its innovations, our taproom and much more. Short routes allow for unbureaucratic, swift coordination. We are proud of what we have achieved. Worldwide, we do not know of any other company with a similar arrangement in our industry. We are convinced that having the various departments all together in one place further drives our constant pursuit of excellence.

BrauKon frame construction

Our approach to constructing brewery plants is globally unique. First, the plant components are mounted on stainless steel frames, then piped and wired. To keep the costs for transportation down, the BrauKon modular design is implemented for brewhouses of more than 100 hectoliters. The pump-valve blocks are mounted on frames. This system is unparalleled worldwide and
is only used by BrauKon. Large brewhouses are also completely constructed and piped in our production hall in this way.
Finally, before being transported, each plant must pass the quality inspection audits performed by our Quality Assurance department created especially for this purpose. In addition, we train young workers in several professions at our production plant, thus enabling us to teach them our high quality standards and company values right from the start.

The new hall in Obing

At the end of 2016, we also moved into our new production hall which is only 10 kilometers away in Obing. This second site specializes in vessel construction. Individual components such as AlloySius, hop dosing systems, etc., as well as complete CIP systems, stairs, and much more are also constructed there. When necessary, complete brewery plants can be manufactured in Obing and milling plants produced in an auxiliary building.
In 2016 and 2017, BrauKon production reached new dimensions. Now there is much more room for “Made in Germany”.