Complete control

BrauKon expands its automation range

Power of innovation

BrauKon systems are characterized not only by their maximum quality and functionality, but also stand out thanks to their easy-to-use operation and intuitive handling. This is largely due to well-proven, in-house automation solutions. BrauControl, a fully automated control solution for the entire production process up to the pressure tank (bright beer tank), and a smaller version thereof, the TControl, which functions as a semi-automatic system, can take over large amounts of the beer brewing operation in the brewhouse.

To meet the continually increasing applications and customer demands, BrauKon has expanded its control portfolio.

TControl Pro

The TControl Pro takes over the complete brewing process: The entire brew of a two-vessel brewhouse is fully automated, from mashing-in to casting. This saves time and guarantees a consistent production process. The multiple sensors incorporated in this system provide the brewer with additional control options, for example regarding the lautering speed and differential pressure. It is of course possible to also equip new systems with this controller.


BrauControl Pro

The most major development in the BrauKon automation series is the BrauControl Pro. Using the Plant iT/brewmaxx V9 from ProLeiT as a basis, the controller has been adapted to suit the user-friendly BrauControl operating system.

The new process control system has all the functions offered by its basic equipment, such as complete batch traceability, a visual recorder that records each step of operation including mouse clicks and manual inputs, the complete integration of all ProLeiT products or the option to integrate existing ERP, LIM or maintenance systems. In addition, the system can be freely expanded, allowing it to grow as your company grows.



Whether for semi-automatic pub breweries, modern craft breweries or fully automatic breweries with several brewing lines, BrauKon offers the optimal control system concept with easy handling and operation for every level of automation and for systems of every size.