Panama City / Panama

Salvador Villacreces Arnedo started brewing beer in 2008. At first solely for his own enjoyment. Later on, he supplied the cold beer for family gatherings. A hobby brewer can become a professional brewer after all, those in Spain (his home country) and Panama not excluded. In Salva’s case, he skipped several steps in what is considered the typical evolution of a craft brewer.

BrauKon Brewery, 3-vessel brewhouse 30 hl

Many special beers already came out of Cervecería Clandestina, the new, fully automated 30 hectoliters, 3-vessel BrauKon brewhouse, just a few months after it was commissioned. For example the “Intriga” (witbier), the “Ley Seca” (strong bitter), the “Nomada” (German pils), the “Xa`madre” (American IPA) and the Doppelbock in collaboration with the brewery Camba Bavaria.

It was an important investment decision to find a universal partner. With BrauKon, they acquired much more than just a plant manufacturer. Support started with the greenfield-planning (even the buildings were designed in collaboration with us) and progressed to include recipes developed by Salvador – truly a BrauKon turnkey project.