Successful story from Berlin / Germany

BRLO started with beginner brewers and evolved into an epic, ultra-modern brewery in less than three years. It sounds similar to the legendary success stories of American craft breweries. Except that this story comes out of Berlin.

Katharina Kurz and Christian Laase wanted something of their own. They found an extraordinary brand name in BRLO, which means Berlin in Old Slavic. They found the right master brewer in Michael Lembke and a location at the Gleisdreieck, a Berlin train station – a perfect fit for the craft beer scene.

“We just started working. The ball started rolling and our idea turned into a tangible project.” explained Katharina with a smile. BRLO was launched in November of 2014. In the following summer, they found their transitional brewery location quickly thereafter. At some point, BRLO will have to relocate. Office buildings are planned for the area where the brewery now stands.

Craft beer experience in 38 overseas-shipping containers

The mobile nature of this brewery stems from the unusual architecture of the BRLO BRWHOUSE. This craft beer experience takes place in 38 overseas-shipping containers and is thus mobile. Appropriately, architects from the firm “GRAFT” designed the brewery. The beer garden is now located in the Park am Gleisdreieck with a view of the railway bridge and passing trains. When you turn around, you see the brewery’s open kitchen and the brewery itself, which includes a 20 hectoliter brewhouse from BrauKon.

2-vessel brewhouse 20 hl

“We needed a brewery that could meet our demands, including the best elements of technology, a modular design and to some extent, mobility.” Currently, BRLO brews classic varieties such as a German IPA or a Berliner Weisse.