BrauKon SmartBoil

The smart boiling system

Beer consists of “living” raw materials – they vary from year to year depending on their origin. With SmartBoil BrauKon provides a boiling system that allows brewers maximum flexibility in terms of wort boiling. Since the introduction of SmatBoil in 2005, 70 systems have been installed in brewhouses with a production volume of 5 hl up to 200 hl.

SmartBoil is efficient

DMS evaporates better because of the possibility for additional pumping; a surface enlargement can therefore be achieved. The advantage is obvious: pure scent, fine tastes and good beers. Through reduced boiling times and lower vapor pressure a lower thermal impact is generated. This in turn improves the foam quality. Thereby, coloration is reduced, too, which represents a definite benefit for the production of very bright beers.

Colder wort is forced over the heating surface without pulsation and thereby fouling is entirely avoided. This reduces cleaning time and costs.

SmartBoil ist gentle

The gentle aspiration of the wort from the internal boiler produces a defi ned current flow. The wort is heated gently; burning on the pipe is avoided. An important result of the reduction of the thermal load: improved foam stability and well balanced, tasty beers.

SmartBoil is flexible

Wort parameters can be adjusted to achieve the desired beer character. This allows the brewer to produce very strong, dark beers as well as extremely fine, bright beers- with minimal heat stress. SmartBoil can also be incorporated into existing systems, thus, retrofitting is possible.

Technological values:

  • Total evaporation from 2.5 to 6 %. Is generally realized in practice. Usually, about 4 %, rarely even higher (up to 8 %)
  • Delta TBA Index < 6 till cooling half complete, < 16 TBA during boil respectively
  • Reduced energy consumption in most installations, approximately 70 %, depending on the previous system, can be even higher.
  • Reduction of DMS, free DMS: 100 %, SG P: depending on the boiling intensity > 75 % to 80 %
  • Improved foam stability, reduced coloration
  • Saving of hop products despite aroma improvements