BrauKon HopBack Pellet

Maximum hop aroma

Hop pellets are in trend

The trend towards more hop-intensive beers presents a big challenge to master brewers all over the world, i.e. to optimally use hop aromas while at the same time controlling the amount of bitter compounds. Since most breweries prefer to work with hop pellets as opposed to hop cones, BrauKon has developed the HopBack for pellets. This is the first system for hop pellets that can be integrated between the whirlpool and the wort cooler.


A more intensive hop aroma

In combination with the hops dosing processes during wort boiling, whirlpool hopping can be used to create an even more intense “hot hops aroma”. Adding pellets to the hot wort ensures a quick dissolution of aromas. The wort is immediately cooled downstream in the wort cooler, preserving the volatile aromatic compounds in the wort. Here, the bitterness is complemented by aromatic nuances and is perceived as more harmonious to the palate.

Variable, defined aroma profile

The BrauKon HopBack Pellet allows for a defined control of the aroma profile through extraction outside the whirlpool. Thus, the acquisition of essential oils can be separated from the isomerization of bitter compounds. The increase of bitterness can easily be controlled through longer heat retention times. To emphasize delicate flavors of hops, the BrauKon HopBack Pellet can selectively extract essential hop oils with shorter flow times. In this process, the essential hop oils, i.e. flavoring agents, become even more prominent, lending the beer its individual character.


Increased flexibility

The BrauKon HopBack Pellet is the last station in the hot area of the brewing process. The fully automated, extremely easy-to-clean device can be quickly and easily integrated into existing systems. The BrauKon HopBack Pellet is also suitable for processing orange peels, coriander or other alternative fine-grained aroma sources.
Thanks to easy logistical handling, the BrauKon HopBack Pellet enables each brewer to use a multitude of hop varieties, lending every beer its individual character in an effective and gentle manner.