BrauKon – awarded as top company

Bayerns Best 50

BrauKon has been awarded as one of the top companies of Bavaria – Bayerns Best 50. The award ceremony took place in the Kaisersaal of the Munich Residence on July 18, 2016. Our general managers, Markus Lohner and Christian Nuber, received the award from the Bavarian Minister of Economic Affairs and Media, Energy and Technology, Mrs. Ilse Aigner.

50 most high-growth companies

The Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Media, Energy and Technology honored the 50 most high-growth companies of Bavaria, Germany. The Ministry annually honors the mid-sized Bavarian companies, which have increased its turnover and number of employees above average over the past 5 years. Prof. Dr. Thomas Edenhofer, management of the independent auditing firm Baker Tilly Roelfs AG, was responsible for the selection of the companies.

Increase in turnover of 73 % – 72 employees

With an increase in turnover of 73 % over the past 5 years and 72 employees in the meanwhile, BrauKon definitely earned the award.

Minister Aigner emphasized the Bavarian investments in economic affairs like infrastructure expansion as well as support measures like the founder prize and promotion of the economy. The Bavarian mid-size companies are the motor, of which whole Bavaria can benefit from.


Our general managers feel honored by receiving the renowned prize, Bayerns Best 50. This award means pleasing recognition of our ongoing efforts to us. BrauKon export to more than 50 countries worldwide in the meanwhile. However, being awarded as Bayerns Best 50 not means to rest on it. We will further promote the international market leadership of BrauKon in building plants for the brewing and beverage industry.