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Aktuelles von BrauKon

Welcome to Seeon, Oceanview Brewing Company

New brewhouse & collab

We are excited to welcome our guests from Oceanview Brewing here in Seeon. James Valm, Matt Patton, Lauren Bigelow, John Panasiewicz travelled all the way from Delaware, USA.

The team is visiting their new 5 hl brew house and working on a collaboration brew together with the brew masters here at Camba Bavaria. The new two-vessel brew house, which the BrauKon production team is currently building in our production hall here in Seeon, will be equipped with our wort boiling system EcoBoil as well as the GentleMix agitator system. In order to get a feel for their new equipment, the Oceanview Brewing has been working on a New England IPA over the last few days. The beer will hit the market soon – make sure to follow us on our Social Media pages for more updates.

Thanks for your trust in BrauKon – we look forward to producing many more great beers together!   

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