Neuzelle Monastery Brewery

Untreated raw materials and fine craftsmanship

The Neuzelle Monastery Brewery is one of the oldest and largest family-owned breweries in East Germany. The specialty manufactory is worldwide recognized for its exclusive quality beers.

Thanks to the traditional art of brewing passed on from the monks, combined with Neuzeller creativity and passion, every single beer becomes something very special. Hence, you can bathe in Neuzeller Badebier (bathing beer) or be convinced of the revitalizing taste of anti-aging beer.

Untreated raw materials and fine craftsmanship are the foundation for monastery brewery’s production. In the open fermenting vats, the beer has 7 to 10 days to ferment. During this process, the most important values are continuously monitored and recorded on slates with chalk. Only when the master brewer agrees with the result, the beer does find its way into the storage tank, where it then matures undisturbed for up to 6 weeks.

The Neuzelle Monastery Brewery is one of Germany’s most innovative breweries today. More than 40 beers are developed and every year more innovative flavor combinations are added, which are exported internationally. Nevertheless, the age-old recipes and experience are highly valued and maintained. Hence modernity and tradition are joined in a happy marriage. Each Neuzeller beer is thus an original that stands out from the mass of assembly-line beers.

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