Visit of Vilniaus Alus

Training at BrauKon BrauTechnikum

We are very pleased to welcome our customer Vilniaus Alus from Lithuania this week.

In November 2016 they sent us an order for a fully automated 4-vessel brewhouse with an outcast of 50 hl.

Erika Peredniene (Brewmaster) and his colleague will be trained in the matter of technic, technology and automation, so that they are able to get the most out of their BrauKon brewing plant.

The training, that BrauKon offers for its customers, takes place in our BrauKon BrauTechnikum in Seeon as well as in Truchtlaching.

The team of Vilniaus Alus will be brewing beer with our 10 hl brewing plant in Truchtlaching and become familiar with the user interface of the automation system of BrauKon.

The program will also cover a guided tour through our new headquarters of BrauKon and Camba, as well as technical discussion with André Biller (Project Manager).