BrauKon VitaProp Pro

Fully automated yeast system for ideal growth

The master brewer‘s friend

For years, many satisfied customers worldwide have been using BrauKon’s compact process systems for the storage or propagation of yeast. The master brewer‘s most diligent helper, yeast, plays an increasingly important role in the brewery. A wide range of flavors can be produced in beer using different yeast cultures, resulting in almost unlimited varieties. The fully automatic BrauKon VitaProp Pro responds to this trend by presenting a completely new yeast system. The combined experience of the master brewers and technologists involved in the production process played a decisive role in the planning and development processes.


Stress-free growth

With the BrauKon VitaProp Pro, an extremely rapid yeast cell reproduction occurs in a remarkably short time. This is due to the absence of complicated installations in the piping system and a systematic focus on the preservation of this valuable microorganism. For example, nozzles with a reduced cross-section are not used during propagation because they cause stress. In addition, the extremely gentle pump technology supports the propagation process, while at the same time ensuring ultimate hygiene and maximum cleansing capabilities. This stress-free and hygienic environment allows for rapid growth and optimum vitality for the most diverse yeast cells.

The land of plenty for yeast

The BrauKon VitaProp Pro ensures, among other things, efficient processes for consistent and vital yeasts, which are optimally distributed throughout the wort. Defined and freely adjustable circulation and aeration cycles, as well as simplified automation, all provide maximum ease of use. This allows the master brewer the greatest possible flexibility to establish ideal conditions for these sensitive cells during all life cycles. In a figurative sense, the BrauKon VitaProp Pro is indeed the land of plenty for yeast cells and finally gives master brewers‘ most diligent helper the optimum attention it deserves.