Fonden Den ny Maltfabrik


Right in the heart of Ebeltoft stands a former malt factory. Some years ago, this red industrial building – dating back to 1861– was to be demolished and replaced by a modern shopping centre. But luckily, a group of visionaries saw potential in the old building and raised enough money to buy back the factory. They had a dream – a dream they are about to turn into a reality in 2019, in collaboration with Syddjurs Municipality: The Malt Factory reinvented as a cultural centre with a microbrewery, creative workspaces, live music, youth culture, visual arts/exhibitions/crafts, artists in residence, a library, a museum and much more.

The Malt Factory is an interesting building architecturally, so when The Malt Factory Foundation decided to launch an architecture competition, 29 different design teams entered from all over the world.
In October 2016, the winner was announced: PRAKSIS ARKITEKTER. Praksis will be the architects behind the new Malt Factory.

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Projets réussis

Pour une bière de caractère

  • 10.2019 - BrauKon Brewery, 2-vessel brewhouse 5 hl - Ebeltoft / Denmark
    • Malt handling and milling system
    • Mash / wort kettle with BrauKon EcoBoil, BrauKon GentleMix
    • Mash / lauter tun
    • Automation system BrauKon TControl
    • Whirlpool with wort cooling and aeration unit
    • Hot water tank
    • Cylindroconical fermentation / maturation tanks
    • Bright beer tanks
    • CIP system
    • Energy supply and cooling unit