Fruition Construction

We do it right the first time

Fruition Construction specializes in the installation of individual brewery systems and is our preferred installation partner in the USA.


Banke Process Solutions

simply ingenious - ingenious simple

Banke Process Solutions is specialized in process components and engineering works for the brewing and malt technic, as well as for special solutions in the food industry.


Camba Bavaria

Young, innovative brewery

Camba is a young, innovative brewery in Chiemgau with an enormous variety of beers. For its size, Camba is the most exclusive brewery in Germany.



Consulter in the brewing and beverage industry

proBrau takes care of BrauKon customers in Nord America, Australia, New Zealand and provides support in implementation of projects right up to the final product.



The technology of the future

aProSys is engaged in automation process systems for the brewing and beverage industry and is specialized in the IPC (Industry PC) automation systems.



The gateway to the world of beer in your city!

The Tap-House is a concept for a craft beer bar in the American style focused on a unique beer variety of high quality beers full of character, realized in different cities.