Works Outing 2016

Tour de Bavaria

One bus full of people, 3 destinations, a route of 280 kilometers and meals on board: the works outing of BrauKon and Camba was ready to start.


Banke Process Solutions

The first destination of our tour through Bavaria was Banke Process Solutions in Taufkirchen (Vils). General Manager Friedrich Banke is partner of BrauKon and established his own company for research and development as a successful second mainstay. The whole staff congratulated Banke Process Solutions to its 10 years anniversary. This anniversary was celebrated with a typically Bavarian morning pint.



We were ready for our next destination. This one let us pass Munich and arrive in Schliersee. Slyrs, one of the best Whisky distilleries in Germany, is located near the Mountain Wendelstein. We got a guided tour through the whole company that let us learn more about how to produce Whiskey.



After our visit in Schliersee our way led us to our partner and customer Wildbräu – Grandauer in Grafing. In 2014 BrauKon finished the installation of a new 2-vessel 80 hl brewhouse here.


After the guided tour through the brewery we had dinner together and our works outing came to an end.