100hl brewhouse for Westerwald brewery

Biggest German BrauKon brew house

The expansion project for Westerwald brewery in Hachenburg is about to kick off. The expansion of the privately owned brewery is an investment in a successful future.

BrauKon delivers the 100hl 6-vessel brewery plant – the biggest brew house in Germany so far. With its new brew house, Westerwald aims to deliver high quality beers whilst at the same time reducing energy costs and improving workflows. “A new brewery system is something that we don’t invest in every day”, explains brewery owner Jens Greimer. “We want to continue producing high quality products, so the expansion was an inevitable step. In terms of reduction of energy costs, we definitely benefit from the new brew house.”

Westerwald brewery is also the first brewery to use the BrauKon HopSep to increase efficiency of the new system:

The HopSep is directly connected to the whirlpool and continually separates the trub from the wort during the casting and wort-cooling period. When doing so, the HopSep draws the trub from the whirlpool from a central position, gently separates the wort from the trub and pumps it back into the whirlpool. Using the HopSep allows you to acquire approx. 1.5 % additional wort, which is otherwise absorbed in the hot trub.