Top grade for BrauKon apprentice

1.0 for Lena Daxenberger

Our apprentice Lena Daxenberger recently finished her education program with the top grade of 1.0 (best score in Germany).

„We are really lucky to have such great trainees at BrauKon. Finishing with a top grade shows us that Lena was very dedicated and put a lot of effort into her training here at BrauKon. It also confirms the success of our trainee programs“, says Julia Wichtl, Head of HR at BrauKon.

Lena will now be working at the BrauKon purchasing department and continue her career with us. «During my apprenticeship I got the chance to take on a lot of responsibility and was able to see many different departments. From the very beginning, I was a full part of the company which I liked most about becoming an industrial management assistant at BrauKon», explains Lena Daxenberger.