Our success story

Progress is essentially achieved through the desire to progress

Since 2003 BrauKon has established itself to become a successful company with over 100 employees. Our enthusiasm for Beer with Character and the quest for perfection are our daily motivation to revolutionize the brewing industry.

Our numerous awards are the best proof of this.

Market launch of innovative products (2018)

The following BrauKon products are introduced: the flexible, operator-friendly grist mill BrauMill, the hop separator HopSep for effective trub removal, as well as the new HopSteiner for effective hop separation during dry hopping.

Finalist of the year 2018 (2018)

BrauKon is commended as a finalist of the year 2018 in the “Großer Preis des Mittelstandes” (Award for Mid-tier Enterprises) presented by the Oskar Patzelt Foundation.

Chiemgauer Panther (2017)

BrauKon is honored by the business award “Chiemgauer Panther” with a special award for its excellent training.

Relocation to the company headquarters in Seeon (2016)

Relocation of the company headquarters to Seeon in November. The new facilities include a modern production hall and integrated office building. Our main focal point is the customer service center including a complete show brewery with a fully equipped 40 hl brewhouse.

Bayerns Best 50 (2016)

BrauKon is honored by the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Media, Energy and Technology, Ilse Aigner, as one of the 50 most high-growth companies of Bavaria, Germany.

150th BrauKon brewhouse (2016)

Production of the 150th BrauKon brewhouse.

Market launch of innovative products (2015)

The following BrauKon products are introduced: the intelligent SpeedKon lautering system, the user-friendly BrauControl Pro process control system, as well as the new HopBack Pellet hop pellet dosing system.

First BrauKon brewhouse with 12 brews per day (2014)

First BrauKon brewhouse with a brewing capacity of 12 brews per day and an output of 210 hl is delivered to the Lyskovo Brewery in Russia.

BrauKon celebrates its 10th anniversary (2013)

BrauKon celebrates its 10th anniversary. By the end of 2013, the BrauKon team includes 60 employees.

The 100th AlloySius leaves the production plant (2013)

Delivery of the 100th AlloySius high performance pre-masher.

Relocation of production to Obing (2012)

Relocation of production to an 800 m² production hall in Obing.

50th BrauKon brewhouse (2012)

The 50th brewhouse with the tried and tested BrauKon frame construction is produced.

HopGun takes the market by storm (2012)

Successful market launch of the effective HopGun cold hopping system.

We provide training (2011)

BrauKon trains and educates in the fields of commerce and technology for the German Chamber of Commerce (IHK).

BrauKon awarded Top-Innovator in Germany for mid-sized companies (2009)

The BrauKon is honored as one of the top 100 most innovative mid-sized companies in Germany.

BrauKon opens brewing technology center (2008)

BrauKon celebrates the opening of its brewing technology center, Camba Bavaria, on the upper floor of the old mill building in Truchtlaching.

First relocation (2005)

Move to the new BrauKon company premises in Mühlweg 2 in Truchtlaching, including its own production hall and spacious office building.

The first contract (2004)

First brewhouse contract: 30hl system for Troegs Brewing Company in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA.

Founding of the company (2003)

On June 27th, Markus Lohner establishes the company BrauKon. Markus Lohner is a master brewer from Hofbräuhaus Newport, one the most successful pub breweries in the USA.