Little Atlantique Brewery

La petite brasserie du Grand Ouest

Little Atlantique Brewery was founded in 2016 in Nantes by Jerome Pallier and Gregory Smith.

The brewery is based in a spectacular 19th century building which was an ancient naval yard by the banks of the Loire river. A tap house is also on site which allows consumers to taste the differents Brews like SPERED our Pale Ale or EXOCET our IPA.

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Successful projects

For Beer with Charakter

  • Extension of the tank capacity - Nantes / France
    • Cylindroconical fermentation / maturation tanks
    • Pressure tank
    • Serving tanks
  • 12.2019 - BrauKon Brewery, 2-vessel brewhouse 30 hl - Nantes / France
    • Malt handling and milling system
    • Mash / wort kettle with BrauKon AlloySius, BrauKon SmartBoil, BrauKon GentleMix
    • Mash / lauter tun
    • Automatic hop dosing system
    • Automation system BrauKon BrauControl
    • Whirlpool with wort cooling and aeration unit
    • Hot water tank
    • Cylindroconical fermentation / maturation tanks
    • Dry hopping equipment BrauKon HopGun
    • Pressure tank
    • CIP system
    • Energy supply and cooling unit
    • KEG cleaning and filling unit