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Project: Freistädter

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Freistädter about BrauKon

“BrauKon is by far the most competent partner when it comes to brewing technology.”

Johannes Leitner, Braumeister


  • 2012 – 80hl 5-vessels brew house with separate whirlpool
  • 2020 – Expansion of the brewhouse
  • 2023 – Cooling unit

The brewing community in Freistadt

The town of Freistadt started brewing beer in 1220.  In 1770, 149 brewing-entitled citizens of Freistadt’s inner city joined together to form the ”Braucommune”. The rights and duties of this “brewing commune” are still valid today and the “commune” as a legal form is unique throughout Europe. Freistädter uses 100% Austrian ingredients only and it has received the “Slow Brewing” certificate, which guarantees the highest quality of beer.


Freistädter decided to build their new brewery on old brewing premises dating back to the year 1777. Preservation of the building and further development of the architectural heritage had to be taken into account at all times during planning and installation. The goal of the new instalment was to reflect the historic character of the property. The brew house, which is the center of the whole building and it also known as the “cathedral”, attracts people from all over the world.

Our solution

With great attention to detail, we set up an 80hl 5-vessel brew house and specifically adapted it to the character of the old building stock. The preservation of the historic building presented many structural challenges – careful planning and creative solutions were basic requirements for successful installation and commissioning. All details had to be discussed directly with the historic preservation authorities. At the same time, the brewery contains all the technical refinements: A two-part energy storage system with lauter wort heating is part of the plant. Since the beginning of the partnership, BrauKon has accompanied the growth of Freistädter Bier with innovative, expandable solutions.

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