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Project: Brauerei Rittmayer

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Brauerei Rittmayer

Hallerndorf, Bayern, Germany

About the Project

“We are very proud that Georg Rittmayer, owner and president of the Private Breweries of Bavaria, has chosen BrauKon. Together with his team, we have realized a modern brewhouse with a forward-looking energy concept. Many thanks for the good and friendly cooperation, which continues to this day.“

Christian Nuber, BrauKon


  • 2012: Complete brewery 50hl 2-vessels brew house with separate whirlpool and new type of energy buffer storage tank

About Rittmayer

Innovation meets tradition: the Brauerei Rittmayer is one of the oldest breweries in the Forchheim region. In 2022, the Franconian brewery will celebrate its 600th anniversary. Georg Rittmayer is also president of the “Private Brauereien Bayern” association. In addition to traditionally produced beers, the brewery also brews new, innovative craft beers. Rittmayer beers regularly win prizes in prestigious competitions, such as the European Beer Star.


Rittmayer decided to build a new brewery to extend capacity and to replace an outdated existing system. The Rittmayer brewery is CO2-neutral and attaches particular importance to sustainability and the conscious use of our resources. This philosophy played a decisive role in the planning and installation, especially with regard to the energy concept. 

Our solution

BrauKon supplied a customized 50hl 2-vessel brew house including the SmartBoil Ex external boiler. A sophisticated energy concept with a wood chip system as well as a specially developed heat storage system are part of the brewery. Energy is supplied with the help of an energy buffer with five temperature levels. A specially designed pan vapor condenser and wort cooler releases energy into the buffer. Depending on the temperature level, this energy is used for mashing, wort boiling and hot water generation. The brewery is operated without the use of fossil fuels. The buffer system also supplies energy to the filling line and the CIP system.

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