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Project: Brasserie

de la Senne

BrauKon worldwide

Brasserie de la Senne

Brüssel, Belgium

Brasserie de La Senne about BrauKon

“Working with the Braukon team has proved their commitment to make sure your project goes to its completion even in a challenging environment. They have shown flexibility in the design of our equipment, being open-minded when we asked special features that were out of standards – an essential quality for a craft brewer. Our brewhouse is very efficient, easy to use and delivers wort with a high level of constancy, which helped us going a step forward in the quality of our beers.”

Yvan De Baets, Brew Master


  • 2018 – Complete brewery, 60hl 3-vessels brewhouse with separate whirlpool
  • 2022 – Expansion of the tank cellar capacity
  • 2023 – Expansion of the tank cellar capacity

About Brasserie de la Senne  

Yvan Van De Baets and Bernard Leboucq founded Brussels-based Brasserie de la Senne. They met in 2002 and, shortly after, they started brewing together. In 2010, they founded their own brewery. De la Senne offers a wide range of bitter beers – which is unusual for Belgian beers. The range also includes beers with mixed fermentation in oak barrels and beers fermented with local Brettanomyces yeast.


The French brewers placed emphasis on the overall appearance of their brew house as it is located directly in the heart of their visitor’s center, which is open to public. In addition, BrauKon had to find the ideal yeast management system to find the perfect balance between yeast and hops whilst brewing. Some of Brasserie de la Senne’s beers are brewed using raw fruit – this had to be taken into account during the development of the grist mill.

Our solution

The 60-hl brew house reflects the aesthetic demands of our customer and at the same time offers all the technical and technological innovations from BrauKon. These include a whirlpool system in suds vessel design and a VitaProp with two propagators. The fermentation tanks are flat-conical, extremely wide and low, so that the beer is exposed to as little pressure as possible during fermentation. Two steam generators, including energy recovery via an economizer each, supply steam. After switching on, steam is available within 10 minutes.

De La Senne chose the automation system BrauControl. This system is ideally suited for the craft sector. Its operation is largely self-explanatory and easy to use. The professional control system offers all professional features, such as user password system, weekly schedule, simple and quickly created recipes, brew logs, freely programmable tank temperature control as well as CIP system control, data backup, emergency battery, etc. The system can be expanded as the brewery grows.

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