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Project: 3 Floyds

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3 Floyds about BrauKon

”I believe that BrauKon is one of the best brewery engineers in the world and we wanted to work with somebody of that caliber to put together our breweries for the company.”

Nick Konwerski, Head Brewer


  • 2013 – 80 hl 4 vessel brew house
  • 2012 – Modernization and partial renewal of a manual 40hl 2-vessel brewhouse with mash and lauter tuns
  • 2014 – New wort kettle
  • 2015 – CIP system, cellar piping for connection to the bottling plant
  • 2018 – 75hl 4 vessel brew house
  • 2021 – Expansion of the tank cellar capacity

About 3 Floyds   

3 Floyds was founded in 1996 by brothers Nick and Simon and their father Mike Floyd in Hammond, Indiana, and is one of the best-known breweries in the United States. Since 2000, the brewery has been located in Munster. “It’s Not Normal”, the motto to which the brewery has subscribed ever since its foundation, also reflects in their product range consisting of hoppy and unusual beers.

Hopheads Nick and his brew master Chris are represented at numerous hop harvests around the globe. 


At 3 Floyds, everything revolves around the raw material hops. Accordingly, the BrauKon technology had to be designed for processing high volumes of hops. The goal of the modernization was to increase capacity and ensure consistent quality as well as to minimize downtime. The 75hl production brewery was designed for efficiency and speed to meet the rapidly growing demand.

Our solution

As a specialist in hop technologies, BrauKon supplied the right equipment for perfect hop processing. Mash and lauter tuns were adapted to the conditions and installed on an oversized scale. Together with master brewer Chris Bogges, a detailed project plan was worked out and the expansion and modernization was completed within a very short time.

The fully automated 75hl brewery is equipped with the latest BrauKon technology. The BrauControlPro control system communicates with external interfaces, such as the bottling line. A HopBackPellet is also in use to get an even more intense “hot hop aroma” in the beer. Additional hop flavor is provided by the fully automatic HopGunPro late hopping system. Untypical for the USA is the souring system in accordance with German purity regulations as well as an energy storage system and lauter wort heater.

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