Brouwerij Haacht

100% belgian and authentic

Haacht Brewery is an independent, Belgian family-owned brewery which employs about 400 people. Apart from its pislner, Primus, the brewery also produces several specialty, abbey, fruit, wheat, amber and table beers. Its most famous brands are Charles Quint, Tongerlo, Ommegang, SUPER 8 and Mystic.

Each year, all Haacht Brewery beverages, including a range of home-bottled VAL waters and soft drinks, FUERTO coffee and several French and world wines, represent an annual sales of over one million hectolitres.

Haacht Brewery also takes care of the exclusive bottling of Pepsi for the Belgian hospitality industry channel. Its main activity is a complete servicing of more than 6.000 hospitality industry businesses. for both the Belgian and export market. Consumers can also find its products at the main beverage dealers and in supermarkets.

Haacht Brewery operates under the names Brasserie du Coq Hardi (in France), Bierbrouwerij De Leeuw (in the Netherlands) and Microbrasserie de l’Île d’Orléans (in Québec, Canada).

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