Brasserie de la Baie

Traditional beer in the bay of Mont Saint Michel

Christophe Lesénéchal always dreamt of brewing his own beer. So he made his dream come true after his Training at the IFBM (Institut Français de la Bière et la Malterie), as he founded the brewery de la Baie in 2003.

His unique beer is now brewed with a new BrauKon plant.

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Successful projects

For Beer with Charakter

  • BrauKon brewery, 3-vessel brewhouse 30 hl - Pontorson / Normandie, France
    • Malt handling and milling system
    • Mash kettle with BrauKon AlloySius, BrauKon GentleMix
    • Mash / lauter tun
    • Wort kettle with BrauKon SmartBoil
    • Automation system BrauKon BrauControl
    • Whirlpool with wort cooling and aeration unit
    • Hot water tank
    • Cylindroconical fermentation / maturation tanks
    • CIP system
    • Energy supply and cooling unit