Brasserie Artisanale Ratz

Unpasteurized natural beer

Christophe RATZ – brewer engineer from INSA Toulouse and former rugbyman, founded the Ratz Craft Brewery in 2001 in the Lot department (46) in Cahors. He has acquired much of his professional experience in craft breweries in Belgium and England.

His creativity and passion have enabled him to revive craft beer in his region.
Christophe RATZ has combined the best of his know-how and the respect of this terroir to brew this beer, infusion of pure malt and aromatic hops.

RATZ beer is an unpasteurized natural beer. This unique recipe by the selection of yeasts allows it to evolve in harmony of flavors, over time…
Come and discover their traditional and authentic know-how during a visit to their brewery by a member of the staff: visualization of the production area and explanation of the manufacturing process of their beer.

You can also enjoy their beers at the bar or on their terrace: Beer Garden.

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Successful projects

For Beer with Charakter

  • BrauKon Brauerei, 4-Geräte Sudhaus, 50 hl - Fontanes / France
    • Malt handling and milling system BrauKon BrauMill with malt silos
    • Mash kettle with BrauKon AlloySius, BrauKon GentleMix
    • Lauter tun
    • Pre run tank
    • Wort kettle with BrauKon SmartBoil
    • Automatic hop dosing system
    • Automationsystem BrauKon BrauControl
    • Whirlpool with wort cooling and aeration unit
    • Spice extraction system
    • Hot water tank
    • Cylindroconical fermentation / maturation tanks
    • CIP system
    • Energy supply