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BrauKon Spice Extraction System

More aroma for your beer

More aroma for your beer

BrauKon spice extraction system

In addition to hops, other natural, aromatic ingredients such as spices or herbs can also be used for brewing. For example, Belgian witbier (wheat beer) is traditionally brewed with coriander and orange peel. The ingredients for such beers are often packed in bags, similar to a large tea bag, and hung in the wort. However, this approach is not optimal, since the ingredients inside the bag often remain dry and are not uniformly leached. This results in significant yield losses.

  • Fully automatic line operation due to early seasoning feed
  • Variable use of various raw materials
  • Optical highlight in glass design
  • Constant product quality due to reliable seasoning at the specified time

Efficient extraction and retention of solids

BrauKon spice extraction systems are constructed in the same way as our hops dosing systems and guarantee a uniform and efficient extraction of ingredients. The aroma is uniformly dissolved thanks to a continuous flow and is effectively carried into the beer. An integrated filter element retains the ingredients in the rinsing vessel and prevents solid particles from getting into the wort. The solids can be automatically discharged following extraction. BrauKon spice extraction systems are universally applicable for flavoring sources such as coriander, orange peel, coffee or spices.

Easy and safe operation
The integrated rinsing vessels are easy and safe to fill via a special opening. The design enables easy and quick CIP cleaning via the wort channel. The glass-cylinder design option is not only appealing to the eye, but also provides the possibility of visually monitoring the extraction and separation processes.

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