Y. Market Brewing Company

From Nagoya, Japan to Seeon, Germany

We are pleased to welcome our customer Y.MARKET BREWING from Japan. The ambitious brewery will be brewing their hundreds of beer types with a BrauKon system in the future. It is of great importance to us to get our customers well prepared for their new brewery system and its operation. That is why we, BrauKon, train our customers in technology as well as system operation. We share helpful tips and advice and expand our continually growing network of BrauKon customers worldwide.

Training at BrauKon BrauTechnikum

During their stay, the brewers from Japan learn to handle their fully automated BrauKon control system BrauControl Pro. They receive automation training and brew beer with our master brewer, Christoph Lippert-Pagany, at our BrauKon BrauTechnikum in Seeon (40 hl brewery plant).

BrauKon Brewery, 3-vessel brewhouse 35 hl

The owner and master brewer of Japan are coming over to check the current stand of their customized brewing plant in our production hall. They also plan and discuss the installation work on-site. We are very pleased that our BrauKon technology enjoy more popularity by successful and innovative breweries from the Japanese market to brew “Beer with Character”.

We are looking forward to continue our good collaborative relationship.