Wildbräu Grafing

Energy saving can be beautiful

Saving energy does not mean loss of quality. BrauKon demonstrated this in the planning and establishment of the brewing equipment in Grafing: 55.7 % power reduction, 95 % heat savings and the Golden DLG Award in 2014 for the first batch of wheat beer. It is nice to realize the results of a fruitful cooperation. Logically, Max Josef Schlederer is just as happy as the brewmaster Jan Opper and, most importantly, the customers.

Smooth operation

BrauKon can be proud of the rapid and frictionless dismantling of the old brewhouse as well as successful installation and timely commissioning of a two-vessel brewhouse. With BrauKon technology, specifi cally whirlpool and wort cooling, a production volume of 80 hl has been achieved. In addition, further supply and auxiliary systems were established.


From Old to New

Although ultra-modern BrauKon lautering technology has been introduced and is now used, the company Seeger (built in 1954), has managed to retain the six-roll mill. With BrauKon’s help, faster lautering cycles, far below 100 minutes have been achieved. With this, a brewing sequence of every six hours can be realized and radiation losses can be minimized. As with all BrauKon systems, the drives and pumps are frequency-controlled. This allows optimal savings of electrical energy.

Saving is fun

SmartBoil, with its extremely variable mode of operation, is used to ensure that the quality of the brew is maintained – despite all the energy savings. With BrauKon saving is fun. Besides, the result is really good beer.