White Frontier

Martigny / Switzerland

You test your own boundaries when you venture into the unknown. Every time a new beer is created, it begins with an emotion. Sometimes it resembles that feeling that you get when you stand at the top of a long, broad slope covered with freshly fallen snow.

The name of the brewery White Frontier already reveals a lot about the brewers’ concept. They are inspired by all the extreme athletes who hang out at their brewery in the famous ski area of Valais.

The White Frontier team became familiar with BrauKon technology at the Camba Old Factory in Gundelfingen. When you own a brewery, it should help fulfill your need to let your imagination run free and to create new brews.

BrauKon Brewery, 2-vessel brewhouse 30 hl

A highly flexible system is needed to achieve this. When the White Frontier brewers briefed BrauKon with their requirements, they said, “We want a perfect playground for experiments.” The right solution was a fully automated 30 hectoliter, two-vessel brewhouse with several 5 hectoliter tanks. Thus, a brew can be distributed to several containers allowing for experiments to be carried out with different hops, yeasts etc. We are looking forward to many exciting experiments emerging from the French-speaking region of Switzerland.