What gets copied?

Only what is iconic. Only the best.

Only iconic brands are imitated

It is a rather dubious sign of respect to be copied. The use of replicas brings serious disadvantages to the user. Whoever buys a copy can definitely assume it is of low quality. Copycats have never delivered decent or even good technology, neither on a small scale, like a pen, nor on a large scale, like a brewing system.

We hear from our customers over and over again that many of our products have reached cult status. Brand products like the original BrauKon HopGun or the original BrauKon Alloysius are brazenly copied. Which, at most, the stated intended use being comparable to the BrauKon original. Or the sometimes even stolen name. When it comes to technology, the counterfeited products cannot be compared to the original.

Dangerous replicas

In addition, there are the criminal consequences for possession and / or use of such imitations. Do not forget, most illegal replicas do not have TÜV approval nor CE certification. The use of such uncertified pressure devices poses a great danger to all operators!

Louis Vuitton, Nike, BrauKon

There are pirated copies of the original BrauKon AlloySius from the Czech Republic, China and the USA. The original BrauKon HopGun has become the most imitated product of the brewing scene. The message is clear. Whether Louis Vuitton, Nike or BrauKon, only the original has been properly manufactured. Only the original delivers unfiltered joy.