Twelve brews per day

BreweryLyskovo at the beautiful blue Volga

In the small Russian town of Lyskovo, nestled along the beautiful river Volga, the largest BrauKon brewhouse was recently established. The 5-vessel brewhouse has a production volume of 210 hl of wort. Believe it or not, the lauter tun is designed for thirteen brews per day, twelve of which are made regularly. This is the Formula One of brewing equipment.

Record follows another record

Despite language barriers and challenges in terms of official regulations, the brewhouse was established within nine months. The mechanical supervisor Andreas Macke has always kept the overview during this time. Only six weeks were suffi cient for the BrauKon team Alexander Nikitin (project manager), Christian Kull (technology) and Anton Schwarz (programming) to complete the commissioning.

Industriebrauerei von Lyskovo

The results speak for themselves

Already more than 500 quality brews and some wonderful friendships. The project manager Alexander Nikitin, who was born in Russia, played an important part, particularly his “interpretation services”. The cooperation with Andrey Shlykov (technical director), Nadezga Egorova (production manager) and Valery Agafonov (brewery owner) was a real pleasure for the BrauKon team: target-oriented and marked by a high level of expertise.

The 5-vessel brewhouse at a glance

  • Malting plant with 6-roller dry gist mill and conditioning
  • Two mash kettles to mash at staggered times and to boil raw grains with decoction method and infusion mashing
  • The newly developed high performance – lauter tun with a lautering time less than 90 minutes and a total occupancy time of 105 min with a pan wort of 12.2 %
  • Specific false bottom load: 170 kg/m² at a brewing sequence of 12 brews per day
  • Four-armed racking machine with BrauKon sickle blades
  • Pre-Run tank with lauter heating and energy storage system
  • Wort kettle with the boiling system BrauKon SmartBoil and PfaDuKo for energy recovery
  • Whirlpool and single-staged wort cooling
  • Fully automated CIP unit for brewhouse and wort handling
  • Supply systems for hot and cold water