Apia / Samoa

The BrauKon brewery production plant in Samoa holds the record for the furthest Location. It is practically on the other side of the globe – 16,000 km as the crow files.

The story begins in January 2014 with a meeting between our sales director, Klaus Rauchenecker, and His Royal Highness Prinz Luitpold of Bavaria in Kaltenberg. The prince remembered that he had an upcoming lunch with the royal family and the King of Samoa who were in Bavaria visiting with their mutual friend, the beverage trader and prospective brewery owner, Charly Westerlund. To cut a long story short, Klaus was invited to the meeting.

During the meal, it came to light that our future customer, Charly Westerlund, had already ordered a brewery from China. However, the Chinese plant did not meet the brewer’s requirements and the first spare parts soon had to be delivered from BrauKon.

BrauKon Brewery, 4-vessel brewhouse 50 hl

Utimately a decision was made in Samoa to purchase a complete BrauKon brewery: a fully automatic BrauKon 50-hectoliter, 3-vessel brewhouse plant. The milling system, wort cooling system, hot-water supply and fully automatic CIP system were also delivered. Approximately one year later 6 more cylindroconical BrauKon Fermentation storage tanks with an effective volume of 300 hectoliters were added. Even the tiled floor for the new brewery came from Germany. The brewery is since being operated by Charly Westerlund and his son Enele.