SpeedKon – the intelligent lauter system

Technical milestone for the brewing industry

Optimization potential consistently implemented!

SpeedKon combines advantages such as excellent wort quality, flexibility, high extract yields and easy automation. The robust mechanics ensure low maintenance costs and a long service life.
Lautering times and quality parameters where improved by the exact analysis and optimization of most components. The fi rst SpeedKon has already been successfull in operation
for more than 2,500 brews in the Russian brewery Lyskovo. In this 200 hl brewhouse 13.5 brews per day are possible. Currently, 12 brews are produced daily.


  • More efficient raking system
    The design and arrangement of the knives were adapted to the different layers and zones of the spent grains cake. Due to the gentle and optimized cutting of the spent grains
    cake an effi cient and homogeneous extraction is achieved.
  • Intelligent sparging system
    The individual addition of the second wort water allows SpeedKon a short and intense wash-out of the spent grains.
  • Optimized wort flow
    The new run off parts of SpeedKon guarantee in combination with the optimized lauter pipe geometry an steady wort fl ow through the spent grains cake. The formation of
    dough on the bottom is avoided through the improved arrangement and increased number of run-offs.
  • Improvement of the false bottom
    The milled flow areas of the new false bottom were improved and arranged in a geometrically optimized way. Thus, the open surface of the false bottom has been increased
    by approximately 25% and the spent grains are effi ciently washed out.


  • Highest yield with shorter occupation time
    A fast, homogeneous mash input and an steady, efficient fl ow thru the spent grain cake is achieved through the interaction of new knives, false bottom geometry, position and
    run off parts and variable second wort handling. SpeedKon guarantees perfect wort quality with the highest extract yield at fastest lautering times.
  • Flexible grist loads
    The SpeedKon enables a fl exible grist load: Besides extremely high loads, a perfect lautering of very low loads for light beers is also possible. This makes SpeedKon an ideal
    tool for the brewing of craft beer.
  • Time savings in brewing
    SpeedKon shortens the lautering times signifi cantly. Thus, in a multi-vessel brewhouse at least 12 brews per day are possible. Due to the total occupation times of less than 120
    minutes 4 brews or more per day can be achieved in a two-vessel brewhouse.
  • Shorter set-up times
    In practice, SpeedKon needs less than 10 minutes for spent grains removal and rinsing of the system including fi lling of the false bottom. This is possible because of an improved
    drive technology of the spent grains removal mechanism and because of the efficient, water-saving fl ushing of the false bottom.

Further technical highlights

  • Low maintenance
  • High-quality false bottom made of solid material
  • Energy-saving electric drives
  • Intelligent, self-optimizing control system
  • Material for bearings and seals in food-grade quality (FDA compliant)
  • Sturdy substructure entirely of stainless steel