Pulling out all the stops

Fat Heads Brewery – Middleburg, Ohio, USA

Brewing tradition is right at home at Fat Head’s. Those who call the tune know the importance of an excellent instrument. Brilliant beers are most likely to develop when brewed with a Stradivarius of the brewing world, a BrauKon plant.

Fat Head’s wanted to be sure they had the right instruments. Thus, they went all-out BrauKon, purchasing only BrauKon original equipment and technology: a 4-vessel brewhouse with a 65 hl capacity, ultimate control with BrauControl Pro, AlloySius, GenleMix, SmartBoil, HopDosing, a spice extraction system, a sugar dissolver, HopBack Pellet 80 kg, HopBack Pro 120 kg, VitalProp Pro, open fermentation tanks, a flotation tank and to top it off, a new concept for outdoor tanks.

The first was second-hand

Where did the brewers’ Matt Cole and Glenn Benigni’s tremendous enthusiasm for BrauKon come from? They had already owned a BrauKon brewhouse. In 2011, they purchased Tröegs Brewing’s first brewhouse, which was the very first brewhouse that BrauKon had ever built. Since then, Markus Lohner has followed Fat Head’s and has watched their growth and success.

The product range? Three beers are available all year-round: a honey blueberry ale called “Bumble Berry”, an IPA called “Head Hunter”, and “Sunshine Daydream”, a Session IPA, as well as seasonal and limited edition beers.

Matt Cole: “BrauKon … unique in the way that they listen to the brewers. They build their system to fit our style, the way we brew beer. That makes them unique.”