Half the world has already been brewing,

with plants of BrauKon

That’s a poor rhyme! But that‘s the only weak point in the development that BrauKon has made in the eleven years since its existence. In such a short time, the BrauKon team has managed to sell and build their breweries all over the world. This is no easy task considering what it takes to build a brewery. In the past few months, BrauKon has added a few exciting projects in new markets/countries to its exisiting portfolio of plants. These include:


Napar Beer is one of the most renowned craft beer breweries in Spain. Brewmaster Juan is regarded as a highly skillful specialist for wood and barrel aged beer. Webseite

Tian Beer belongs to a Buddhist oriented monastery complex, which also includes a bakery and a vineyard. Webseite


Browar stu Mostów: The City of a Hundred Bridges, Wroclaw, with a long tradition of brewing, writes a new chapter in Polish brewing history, in collaboration with BrauKon and their highly up-to-date brewing equipment. Webseite


Breweries are on the rise in South America and BrauKon is part of this development, especially in St. Cruz where a 20 hl plant has been built for Sabores Bolivianos Alemanes.