Never-ending happiness

The Brew Society – Heule, Belgium

“I am Björn from Belgium. I am here with my wife Kim and we run a 50 hl brewery in Heule, near by Kortrijk, and I have to say, I am really happy with my BrauKon system!” The owner of The Brew Society, Björn Desmadryl, introduced himself with these words at every chance he got during the first BrauKon Family trip.

The initial contact? A simple e-mail, “We are looking for a three-vessel brewhouse with pneumatic valves, without automation and without electrical wiring. We are taking care of that ourselves. Can you send us information?” Our sales manager Klaus Rauchenecker got in touch and then drove with Björn to the Vulkan Brewery to show him their BrauKon brewhouse. When Björn came out of the brewery, he was smiling from ear to ear. Klaus asked him, “What’s up with you?” Bjorn replied, “I can’t believe it. I had a brewgasm.”

Everything is possible with The Brew Society

Björn quit his job and founded together with his associates Kim, Nicolas and Erwin the brewery. BrauKon delivered a significant range of products: a complete grist mill, 3-vessel brewhouse (50 hl) including mash and wort kettles with AlloySius, SmartBoil, GentleMix, a mash/lauter tun, a designer automatic hop dosing system, the BrauControl, a whirlpool with wort cooler and aeration unit, a hot-water tank, a CIP system and the energy and cooling supply system.

The master brewer, with his many years of professional experience, is now also a beer service provider. The Brew Society offers a contract brewing service. Everything is possible with The Brew Society: from recipe development, the brewing process, filling in bottles or cans, support with sales … all the way up to a brewgasm.