Innovations for creative beers

Safe and efficient solutions for exotic ingredients

Craft beer is on the advance

Meanwhile, many craft brewers refine their beers with exotic spices, herbs and other natural aromatic ingredients. For example, the Belgian Wit is traditionally brewed with coriander and orange peel. The addition of different sugars is also common in the international brewing scene. For instance, sugar is used for many Belgian beer styles to achieve higher degrees of fermentation or an unobtrusive sweetness.

Brewers use ingredients such as coriander, orange peel, coffee, pepper and even chili for their beers. Often these ingredients are packed in bags and hung into the wort like a large tea bag. This approach is, however, not ideal since the ingredients inside the bag often remain dry and are not evenly dissolved. This results in signifi cant yield losses of these exclusive ingredients.

BrauKon has taken up this issue in close collaboration with craft brewers and has developed solutions which can easily, fully and safely be integrated into the brewing process.

Spice dosing stations

BrauKon spice dosing stations are constructed in accordance with our hop dosing stations and guarantee a uniform, fully automated extraction of the ingredients. The integrated rinsing containers are simple and safe to fill. A special sieve holds the ingredients back in the rinsing container and prevents solid particles from getting into the wort. The aroma is evenly dismantled by the continuous fl ow and is effectively brought into the beer.

Sugar stations

Our sugar stations are designed as special rinsing containers as these ensure a quick dissolving of the sugar directly into the wort through the intensive fl ow. For larger additions of sugar the dissolving tank can be supplemented with a bag table which allows a convenient filling with bagged goods. Customers who have already been using these technologies are, inter alia: Allagash, Samuel Adams, Tröegs, SlyFox, Purity and Left Hand Brewing.