Customer visit from Holgate

From Australia to Seeon

We are pleased to welcome our customers Chris and Alex from Down Under this week.

Together with our master brewers Martin and Christoph, brews are brewed on our 10 hl plant in Truchtlaching and on our 40 hl plant in Seeon. Helpful tips and tricks are exchanged. Besides, Chris and Alex get a BrauControl automation system training as well as visit the BrauKon customer Wildbräu in Grafing close to Munich.

BrauKon brewery, 2-vessel brewhouse 50 hl

The Holgate beers are brewed in Woodend/ Victoria in Australia using only natural ingredients – no preservatives, no chemicals and no pasteurization. Located in the restored 19th century hotel Holgate not only includes the brewery with expansion options, but also a restaurant and a bar.