Float trip on the river Alz


The annual company outing took place again on the river Alz in summer 2015. Equipped with enough Camba beers, we went on two combined floats on the Alz downstream from Seebruck to Truchtlaching. All new employees had to jump into the cool waters, of course – this time with great weather and lots of sunshine it was, however, very pleasant. Later on, we all sat around the campfire and let the evening come to an end with a cozy barbecue.

Hops and Craft Beer

Hallertau and Gundelfingen

Following the invitation of the managing directors Mr. Scholz and Mr. Breitner of the IGN – Hopfenvermarktungs- and Vertriebs-GmbH we went to the Hallertau. There we visited the hop farm of Stefan Eisenrieder in Wolnzach. The hop harvest was in full swing, the individual processes were clearly explained and all our questions concerning hops were answered. After a great lunch at the Landgasthof Rockermeier we continued our trip to Gundelfingen to the Camba Old Factory. Now, all employees were able to visit the second Camba brewery and the Craft Beer World. After a delicious dinner with matching Camba beers we went back home to the Chiemgau in the evening.