Collaboration Brew

Camba and Omnipollo brew Bavarian lager beer

Last week, we were able to welcome our client Omnipollo from Sweden here in Seeon. Carlos de la Barra and his brewer colleagues Marie Elizabeth Kusa and Ulf Roger Almström visited to brew a Bavarian style Lager beer together with Camba brew master Michael Stangl. The beer will be named “Camba x Omnipollo: Der schwedische Lehrling“.

They also got together with the BrauKon team to discuss details of the project, find out more about the chosen software solution and, of course, to check out their new 20hl brew house, which is currently being built in the BrauKon production hall. The unique brewing equipment makes it possible for the Swedish team to brew extraordinary specialty beers. Ranging from a classic IPA over to a fruity Blackberry Maple Pancake Lassi Gose, the 20hl BrauKon brewhouse allows for plenty of creativity while guaranteeing consistent quality.

In Seeon, Omnipollo wanted to take a more classic approach and brew a traditional Bavarian lager with 5.2% alc. The beer was brewed on the Camba Bavaria brew house using the decoction technique to make the beer even more full-bodied. Organic malt by Swedish malt supplier Warbro kvarn was used to get perfect results.

We are really happy that we were able to welcome the Omnipollo team here at BrauKon despite all restrictions!