BrauKon Technikum

Training center for beer with character

BrauKon Technikum

In our pilot plant, the Technikum, we perfect our products to industrial ripe and test new practices and procedures. Thus, we can test and optimize special brewing methods, adjustments dedicated to changed raw material qualities and product innovations. The continuous research and further developments guarantee innovative and practice-oriented products.

Individual trainings

Individually adapted training courses optimally prepare our customers for the new technology, reduce the initial start-up period and therefore save our customers more costs. Furthermore, new employees can be ideally incorporated into our system through in-house trainings.

Brewing days with our customers

In so-called collaboration brews practice-oriented expertise is exchanged and technological problems are discussed. We work together with our customers to create new recipes and beer variations using new raw materials or innovative production ideas.

Collaboration Brews

Hopsteiner – Mainburg / Germany
Since 2013, we have annually been brewing 20 hl of mildly hopped pale ale, which is divided into four different tanks after fermentation. Each pale ale is then dry-hopped with a different hop variety. Hopsteiner presents the varieties on the BrauBeviale in Nuremberg. The beers will be tasted there in order to obtain a direct comparison of the different hop varieties.

Half Acre Beer Company – Chicago / USA
In the summer of 2014, we had the honor to brew together with the brewers of the Half Acre Beer Company. In this exciting collaboration, the “Brütal Flamish Warrior”, a bottom-fermented beer with many different hops and caramel malts was invented. Everyone was excited about the idea and the created beer..

Hill Farmstead Brewery – Vermont / USA 
At the end of autumn 2014, the cooperation with the world-wide well-known master brewer Shaun Hill took place. Together with our staff they brewed the unusual Paranoid Citra IPA. The name says it all: Orange peel, lime and fresh mango were added in the hot water department using the BrauKon HopGun. During the primary fermentation, grapefruit juice and blood orange juice were put in for an extra fruit kick.